Improv Workshops for Your Biz

“.…a vibrant, animated, engaging speaker with great stage presence that immediately holds you in her thrall.” ​Workshop participant 2015.

“Jenny’s workshops are thoughtfully conceived and well organised. The workshops have always been extremely well received, with many participants reporting how much they thoroughly enjoyed and were inspired by Jenny’s energetic enthusiasm. I highly recommend Jenny’s communication workshops not only for  the practical skills they impart, but also for the way Jenny engages participants, and demonstrates, by her example, the joys of effective communication.”  Susan Rothnie, Queensland Art Gallery

I passionately believe that improvisational techniques can transform every area of our lives: from our personal relationships to our ability to connect with an audience (in person and otherwise) and within our business operations.

Improve your business with improv workshops!


Improvisation is more than just what you may have seen on “Whose Line is it Anyway”, “Thank God You’re Here” and Theatresports. It is a POWERFUL, USEABLE and TEACHABLE tool which is hugely enjoyable ​to learn (I pride myself on these workshops being full of smiles and laughter) and most importantly, demonstrated to be effective in improving your team’s:

– confidence and presence;

– communication skills;

– ability to think on their feet and respond to unexpected changes;

– cooperative team work;

– creativity and flexibility;

– problem solving;

– morale;

– sales performance;

– personal relationship skills in and out of the workplace.

If there is a particular area you wish to cover, please let us know, I am happy to tailor workshops to best meet the needs of you and your team.

“The session we had with Jenny Wynter yesterday morning was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me. Her open and spontaneous way of communicating is inspirational as well as infectious and a fabulous tool for honing one’s presentation skills.” Workshop participant, 2015.

“Jenny was very engaging, kept my interest the whole way through and extended me positively outside my comfort zone. In fact at lunch time I felt ‘high’ , just as I would feel after a good party with lots of laughter.” Workshop Participant 2015

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