Web comedy shoot, Gumball Theatre and other madness this month

My heavens life is nutty.

This month alone:

1. I have scored a most fabulous gig (fab in that it is completely and utterly up my alley in a very un-sordid way) shooting some comedic style online videos with my little toddler the Cass-meister! We’re off to the big smoke in a fortnight to join forces in what will hopefully be some funny onscreen collaborating. Dig!

2. I am madly preparing for the first show of the year of my favourite creation of late (namely cos it didn’t hurt on the way out): Gumball Theatre! Yay! We already have quite a few peeps coming – PS today is the LAST day to book a group of 5 and get a free bottle of bubbly waiting for you on arrival, deets are over here – and so am super pumped. But you know, in the meantime: rehearsals. Organising. Stuff like that.

3. I am MCing a family fun day at Bribie Island for Australia Day! Merriment! Sausage sizzles! What more could you ask for?

4. My best friend is turning 30 next week. I want it to ROCK so hard for her. Stay tuned.

5. I’m contemplating making scones. Except the last time I did they turned out like hard little rocks of awful. As unstable as a career in showbiz is, there is one thing I know for absolute certain: I will NEVER be on Masterchef. EVER.


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  1. January 4, 2011

    The secret to a good scone? The CWA (that’s Country Women’s Association btw)- it comes in a box in your packet mix aisle (often up high with all the other dirty secrets). No artifical anything and abso-f-ing- foolproof.

    Just add water.

    Perfect everytime. Guaranteed.


    • January 9, 2011

      Oh darling lady, you’re so sweet to share such nuggets of goodness with me. I’m afraid I believe I’m a lost cause. I shall try it though!! x

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