Warning: Reading Comic Mummy Can Be Hazardous to Your Uterus

She's mine, alright.

Frankie: “So my cousin told me she was reading your blog the other day, and that it really made her think about things a bit differently.”

Me: “Well, naturally. I’m very thought provoking. Cutting edge, even.”

Frankie: “You so are. That’s why I’m friends with you.”

Me: “Don’t speak.”

Frankie: “Okay.”

Me: “So what exactly was she reading about? Which stunning pearls was she collecting from the depths of my ocean bed of wisdom on this particular dive? ”

Frankie: “Oh you know. The bit about how Cassidy’s so cute – it made her think maybe she wants to have another child.”


Oh dear heavens.

If I’m gonna start influencing people’s uterus (uterii??) on this here blog, I’m gonna have to start posting disclaimers. Namely cos I’m SOOOO not up for claims of child support.

But you know, that aside, go forth and multiply and all that.

Just, like drinking, you know…do so in moderation, kids.

All these kids' names start with "J". If I was going down that path, I'd call one of them Wally. Just for kicks.
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  1. Penny Wilson
    February 21, 2011

    Just so you feel better my uterus is non moved. I love the blog and Cass.

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