Viking Mama Pitch

Viking Mama


When I became a mother, I was expecting the bundles of housework, I was expecting the endless stupid questions I can’t answer, like “Who’s my daddy?” But what I wasn’t expecting was how day after day, it would feel like going into battle; passive aggressive parent groups; kids doing all the things you swore your kids would never do; you doing all the things you swore you wouldn’t do…

But what can you do but armour up, trudge out onto the battlefield and channel your inner


Viking Mama is a 6 x 10 minute domestic musical comedy about the battlefield that is the world of trying to be a good mother.

The story takes us through a day in the life of a well-intentioned but hopelessly failing Viking mother, who is living in the ancient world of the Norse warrior, yet still dealing with relatable issues of modern family life. Think the historical accuracy of “The Flintstones” meets the visuals of “Vikings” with the absurd musicality of “Flight of the Conchords”.


Download the Viking Mama Series Pitch – Adobe Acrobat PDF | Microsoft Word


All Rights Reserved. For use of media, please contact Jenny Wynter below.
Hero imagery: Created by Sean Dowling & Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

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