Viking Mama opens tonight in Brisbane!


Tonight it begins.

Note: Cool article on Weekend Notes about all things Viking Mama!

The whole show has taken on a wildly different turn from last time; it now features multimedia – fitting, because as you know, the Vikings loved technology – which I’m so happy to finally be embracing. I remember years ago the first time I saw Bill Bailey’s Part Troll and I was so blown away by the combination of live comedy, music and video visuals that my head fell off. That, I remember thinking, that is what I want to do. Sure, it took me ten years to pull my finger out, but the point is THE FINGER IS OUT.

PLUS thanks to the wonder that is my partner-in-crime Jon, we now for the first time ever have an actual proper set. Unlike the show’s work in progress run a couple of years back, when I draped a brown op shop blanket over a dollar store clothing rack. Classy. But not anymore! Upwards and onwards! You know your career is really going places the moment you donate half of your old set to charity and give the other half to your Labrador.

PLUS we’ve had the total bonus and complete joy of working with a FABULOUS director with whom Judith Wright Centre hooked us up: Caroline Dunphy.

She’s amazing. She’s on my wavelength. She is my creative spirit animal.

Did I mention that I love her?

Anyhoo, we’ve been madly prepping, laughing, trying to work the logistics of me performing in two moonboots to our advantage and dare I say, I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about launching a show.

Viva La Viking! Le Viking? WHATEVER.

4 nights only starting tonight! Tix available here


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