Update: Improv Workshops now MONDAY nights

A number of improvisers have asked me whether it is possible to change the night for the upcoming workshops from Wednesdays, given that Wednesday seems to be improv performance night for several different ensembles around Brisvegas at the mo.

Well…the answer is yes.

So: all details remain the same, only these will now happen on Monday nights from September 6.

As you were.

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jennywynter Written by:


  1. August 25, 2010

    Hey Jen! Hey no probs about the bootie – whenever you get to it – or not at all – what-eva !!!*american accent required* Hey I have just so enjoyed hearing your vlogs and recent posts. I have had similar conversations with myself in my head about self-censorship (man you should be there for those – crazy) so I totally hear where you’re coming from there. I thinks it’s a journey – and I haven’t quite found the balance yet… But you’ve made me think about doing some more vlogs myself – I started earlier int eh year when I bought my flip mino camera – perhaps I should get back to it! Hey thanks for poopin gin to my site too (ooh, I just looked up and saw that typo – but have to leave it because I think that can be a new word for “having a gander” and it made me smile…) I’ll make sure to poop gin to yours more often 🙂 – luv it luv!

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