The Top 5 Things I Would Love Right About Now


Please forgive me for falling off the planet of late. I can assure you it’s not for want of writing, I miss blogging regularly much more than I’m sure you miss me blogging! But life round here has been completely nuts, with pretty much every waking minute being taken up with Gumball Theatre.

Oh and you know. I have kids and all that. (What are their names again?)

So yes, things at Comic Mummy HQ have been a little hectic.

Thus, I present to you the top 5 things I would LOVE right about now…

1. A housekeeper.

2. A housekeeper.

3. A housekeeper.

4. Dark chocolate.

5. A housekeeper.


*Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

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  1. November 23, 2010

    Yes yes yes. My house looks like it’s about to be condemned. Crafts all over the dining room table that must be cleared for Thanksgiving. I could plant a garden on my kitchen floor, and make another pet with the fur on the rug. Note to self and others, St. Bernards are lovely dogs but make a bigger mess than and husband and son!

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