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A cabaret created on the spot… all inspired by one audience member.

This is the concept of You: A Cabaret! – the brainchild of Brisbane’s award winning musical comedienne Jenny Wynter, which will be presented at Queensland Cabaret Festival on Friday June 9.

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Comedienne Brings New York Inspired Cabaret Home to Brisbane

“I’m never certain it will work, but that’s exactly what excites me about it.”

So says Brissie’s award winning comedian Jenny Wynter, about Fully Made Up, her latest creation in the form of a fully improvised cabaret, presented by Anywhere Theatre Festival.

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So it turns out that having broken feet can be incredibly motivating. Being housebound has meant that I’ve been working like a banshee on the logistics of the upcoming season of “Viking Mama!” at Judith Wright, writing new comedy material, finally making headway on some projects that have been floating around my mind for some time…and last night I devoured this: It’s highly readable, super motivating and thanks to the wonders of Kindle technology, is smothered in highlights. I love highlighting things. It makes me feel like I’m paying attention and that I’ll actually return to said book to fully…

One more sleep! Tickets are selling, rehearsals are all but dunzo, the camera guys are getting the set-up sorted for the DVD filming, plus I have set myself a rather insane task of writing a NEW SONG for “An Unexpected Variety Show” today. Yes, I know. Ridiculous. I am. Absolutely ridiculous. I kinda disgust myself. Ugh. But as some of you know, there is one cover song in the show and I have been meaning for ages to replace it with an original, so of course, it is only once the finish line is in sight that I am prompted…

We had our very first gig on the weekend and oh my word. So. Much. Fun. We sang, we strutted, we posed for umpteen photos, jumped in army jeeps where we burst into even more song, we toasted ourselves with a celebratory cheap red wine in plastic glasses backstage afterwards…short of having garters hurled at our faces from the audience, it was pretty damn epic. On a selfish note, I LOVED actually having some wondrous girlies to share the oohing and the aahing of post-gig excitement with. I totally get what the Spice Girls were on about. Girl Power!