“…a vibrant, animated, engaging speaker with great stage presence that immediately holds you in her thrall.” Workshop participant 2015.

With multiple years of experience as a stand-up comedian, mother and more recently as a personal carer, Jenny is not only extremely comfortable connecting with an audience but uniquely qualified to speak about:

  • embracing unexpected events – for better and for worse – in life;
  • using humour as a tool to get through hardship;
  • applying improvisational comedy techniques to relationships, business and life;
  • balancing dreams with family life;
  • and more.

“Jen is bloody funny. Her (show) is pretty much “life” … you know, we have these dreams and ambitions and “what I’ll be when I grow up” and suddenly, life – quite unexpectedly – gets in the way…Her story is just sooooo heartwarming, and heartbreaking at times…incredibly brilliant, funny and entertaining!” Amanda Cox, Real Mums.

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