Perth FringeWorld Diary: Day One!

Perth Fringeworld

So a red eye flight, a friendly lift from a new friend (a very cool dude who simply offers lifts to fringe artists to and from the airport when he can: AMAZING! I figure he is really contributing hundreds of dollars worth of help to artists, what a rad patron of the arts!) and a buttload of anticipation later, and here I am in Perth for my first ever FringeWorld!

I’m staying in an apartment here in Northbridge, with my roomies the fab Scarlett Belle and Alexis Dubus (otherwise known as the formidable Marcel Lucont…WHO I LOVE by the way: if you don’t know him, for Bowie’s sake do yourself a favour and check out his improvised gig on Set List.)

We caught a ride together at the airport, where Alexis sent me this directive:



And…we’ve already flyered our fridge.


Yesterday involved walking the length of the fringe hubs, with Scarlett, a seasoned Fringeworld gal ā€“ who makes her own vintage outfits that look SUBLIME as well as being a burlesque chanteuse ā€“ took me under her wing and helped me get my bearings. We ducked our heads into the media launch, a very strange and tricky gig for the performers given that the Spiegeltent was empty aside from media folks setting up cameras and video cameras and iphones…but interesting to watch at any rate.

Marcel Lucont hosting this very bizarre media gig!

Also finally got to meet Alys Donough! A comedy afficionado who seems to be a tour de force when it comes to, well, everything as far as I can tell! Check out her comedy gala coming up in Feb, so sad I can’t be there. We popped my Ben and Jerry’s cherry (or should I say, brownie?) then strutted the fringe streets as she assured me that most of Perth buy their tickets at the last minute and that she’s going to flyer the shizz out of the show for me. What a bloody legend.

Then I laid eyes on my venue…I’d somehow got it into my brain that it was going to be a little theatre space within a bigger venue (given it’s officially part of the Perth Cultural Centre), but lo and behold, it’s actually a tent with tons of people passing by that inside looks like AN ACTUAL BARN. I was so happy I nearly spat tobacco.




Tech run followed, so so happy with my tech ladies, they are lovely and switched on and laughed all through the run which hugely helped boost my confidence going into tonight.

Later I hit the Fringe club…

Entrance to the artist bar, beautifully named: "The Budgie Smuggler."
Entrance to the artist bar, beautifully named: “The Budgie Smuggler.”

So. Many. People.

Very. Funky. Venue.



Met some folks, chatted, mingled, all that, then like the grandma I am, hit my wall early and headed home for a much overdue sleep.

Opening Night tonight….AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!

Tix here.

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