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Oh my Bowie. Oh my Bowie. Oh my Bowie.

In a little over 24 hours I’ll be heading on the trip of a freaking lifetime.

After de-jetlagging in London and Paris (yeah right…I’m sure I’ll be sleeping A LOT) I’m heading to Marseille to take part in this amazing writing residency which I had the tremendous fortune of winning my place in earlier this year at Melbourne Web Fest. I’ll be working on developing “Viking Mama” as a web TV series, after which I’ll be returning to pitch it in full to the ABC.

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After our crazy quick but delicious run in Brisvegas, the vikings are descending on Melbourne! Three quick but scrumptious nights are coming your way via the ultra fab Melbourne Cabaret Festival – it’s my first time doing this one and I could seriously not be more thrilled. We even made a trailer! Thank you i-Movie gods! Cannot wait. It’s coming up so soon. So much to do. So much to organise. So much to enjoy. I do so love touring with my mates (four of whom are in the show with me); this performing gig is awesome but can get…

Tonight it begins. Note: Cool article on Weekend Notes about all things Viking Mama! The whole show has taken on a wildly different turn from last time; it now features multimedia – fitting, because as you know, the Vikings loved technology – which I’m so happy to finally be embracing. I remember years ago the first time I saw Bill Bailey’s Part Troll and I was so blown away by the combination of live comedy, music and video visuals that my head fell off. That, I remember thinking, that is what I want to do. Sure, it took me ten years…