On the Toowoomba Flash Flood

Last night as I saw images of the post-flash flood chaos that is Toowoomba, I could not even comprehend what I was looking at. In that I couldn’t believe the magnitude of the disaster, but also I couldn’t even make out what part of the CBD I was seeing. And having been brought up in this little city on the mountain, I know T’ba like the back of my 31 year old hand. I know it. So to not know it and see it in such horrible pain was…awful.

Add to this that my 8-year-old daughter is currently up there with the grandparents – now stranded there for the forseeable future with all access back home cut off in both directions – that is, I’m separated from my daughter during an actual bonafide natural disaster and well…Mummy’s feeling a little numb.

Yet, in light of the horror of 8 people having lost their lives, 72 missing and countless others having lost so, so much in this time, really my personal state of affairs is insignificant. Which is a good reminder to keep this all in perspective.

And send all the love, thoughts and support to the others who aren’t so lucky.


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  1. Berny
    January 10, 2011

    Jen if they get stuck for a place to stay we are high and mostly dry. More rain predicted for the week ahead. Our yard and shed flooded but our house is fine. You cn pass on our numbers if you want. Love you bucketloads… XXX

  2. January 10, 2011

    Jenny I can’t believe my eyes either seeing those images… how does a elevated place like toowoomba get such flooding??? A tsunami wave-like flooding???? Its just surreal and bizarre…
    Then to read that miss is up there too… (safe thank God)
    Oh prayers, thoughts and much concern for everyone up there… xo

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