Oh to wear Prada and NOT be the Devil…

Sometimes I just feel like I have a gazillion ideas in my head about things I would like to do in this lifetime yet can’t even come up with one on where to begin.

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Oh hang on, maybe I can: a personal assistant.

She would make my life productive. Organised. Simple.

She would keep me on track. Advise me on what to do when. And most importantly, she would do my paperwork. (Dear Lord, the paperwork!)

She would make the phonecalls. She would handle the emails. She would kick me off the computer when it was evident that reading just another blog was a thinly veiled ploy to avoid actual work.

She would be proactive at putting me out there, yet reactive to opportunities as they arose.

She would be skilled at handling children, so that if and when the moment required it, she could handle them like they’d never been handled before.

She would keep my house tidy – not actually doing it herself, mind you, just making sure it gets done.

And she would do all of the above while completely getting and indeed insisting, that our family comes first.

In other words…


Where oh where are you?

And moreover, where is the money to hire you?

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  1. August 15, 2010

    Send her round here after… You know I used to be a super-efficient PA, adept at paperwork and fully organised, but the more artistic and creative I became, the less organised. It seems to get worse by the day. My Mother despairs and is starting to believe I am a changeling. She phoned the other day just to ask me where I eat my dinner (since the dining room table has become an art studio). My Dad had been round and grassed me up…. No sugar in his tea next time…

    • August 15, 2010

      Aha! Can so relate!! I used to be an admin superstar, unbelievably organised, could tell you where every piece of paper was in my office and had a beautiful system for keeping track of zillions of projects at once – when I worked for somebody else!

      Nowadays, there are shadows of my former success in my own office, but they pale in comparison. Apparently I only put in the real effort when it comes to working for somebody other than myself. 🙁 WHY????!?!?!?!?

      Oh and yes, if I only had a dollar for every time the in-laws have come round only to be greeted by grand lack of tea, sugar or both of the above…I’d be able to fund my PA! 🙂

  2. August 16, 2010

    I’ll do the job for you, and all you will have to pay is 75% of all future royalties, regardless of if I am any longer in your employment or not, the rights to your forth born child upon reaching the age of one, and a choc chip cookie.

    I am open to negotiation on all facets of the deal, except for the cookie.

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