New York, here I come!

Two days til I jet off to New York City.

With my darling beloved NYC in 2006

Yes, yes, I know. Please, let me state for the record, that this week is a completely and utterly remarkable one in the life of Jen.

It ain’t all like this! Which is all the more reason to just relax, not think too much and just try to enjoy it all while it happens.


Easier said than done.

The one thing that is doing my head in this week is pre-empting the fact that I’m going to miss the kids. SO MUCH.

It starts to tear my heart out just thinking about it, but then I have to stop and just remind myself that it’s only for 10 days, they’re going to be very well looked after while I’m gone (we’re employing a bit of a superstar to come play house-wife) and that I SHALL RETURN!

With hugs! And love! And yes, alright….gifts!

One of my fav mum/girlie pics, taken the morning I returned last time!

Two things that are also comforting me:

1) Knowing that we can video chat on skype; and

2) Knowing that this is almost half the time I was away in 2006. That trip – as mind-blowingly cool as it was – almost destroyed me emotionally. I’d just completely underestimated how much it would hurt to be on the other side of the globe from my babies for that long. It did get to a point though, where I snapped myself out of it (by watching a Keanu Reeves film, no less) and reminding myself that if I wasted away all the time in the USA just moping and licking my paws, then it really WAS a shame I was gone.

From that point on, it completely rocked.

As I’m sure, will this. AGH!

I’m also madly trying to work out what, if anything else, I wish to squeeze into these shenanigans!

As well as the Masterclass, I’ve already approached some amazing improv peeps in NYC to meet up so I can pick their brains about improv and specifically, running an improv company.

But I am wondering if I should try to squeeze more in….hmmmm….

And then of course, there’s the packing…dear heavens, the packing….

Excuse me. I need a tranquiliser. But one that keeps you awake. Now there’s an untapped niche! Any takers?

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  1. July 14, 2010

    Oh how very cool!! Can’t wait to hear all about it on your return – hey thanks for the give away luv – no hurry tho – I’ll message you my postal addy at facebook… Travel safe CM – rock on baby!

    • July 14, 2010

      Thank you Don! Address noted and package coming atchya! x

  2. July 14, 2010

    Bon voyage!!!
    xo K

    • July 14, 2010

      Yet another fantastic name for a band, I reckon. Complete with the comma!


      I love it! Seriously, I love it. Can I use it? xox

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