New Show! A Viking Tale is a-coming!

Jenny Wynter A Viking Tale

I’ve been working both my buttocks off recently on…da da da da! A whole new show!!!

Very exciting namely cos:

1) It’s about vikings.
2) I get to dress up as a viking.
3) It’s a rock opera. A very, very silly rock opera.
4) It’s directed by Russell Fletcher (of Spontaneous Broadway fame and umpteen other fabulous things)
5) Musical direction is by my fab mate Peta Wilson (who you may have seen in about a gazillion brilliant Brissie bands including Fuschia, CucaShop and others, plus in last year’s “Wonderland” season at Brisbane Comedy Festival)

It’s always ridiculously nerve-wracking putting together an entirely new show… unlike getting onstage when you’ve already done something so have at least SOME inkling as to how an audience MIGHT react to it, a new show means a leap of faith: namely trusting that the stuff you’ve found amusing in rehearsals will translate and be enjoyed by others and that it’s not just that you were so exhausted by the creative process that anything seemed chuckle-worthy.

I have fears. I have nausea. But mostly, I have excitement. Truly. I have that “I cannot WAIT to take this onstage!” feeling which is usually a good sign.

Wanna come? YAY! Here are deets:

Brisbane Comedy Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse
Tues 25th Feb – Sun March 3rd
Tix here!

Adelaide Fringe Festival at Tuxedo Cat
Friday 14th and Saturday 15th March
Tix here!

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I’m a comedian, cabaret performer, improviser, writer, Clown Doctor and mother of three. In other words, I divide my life between strutting around onstage like the egomaniac I am, dolled up and trying to win the love of complete strangers and wrangling kidlets.

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