Media Release – Comedienne Brings New York Inspired Cabaret Home to Brisbane


Comedienne Brings New York Inspired Cabaret Home to Brisbane

“I’m never certain it will work, but that’s exactly what excites me about it.”

So says Brissie’s award winning comedian Jenny Wynter, about Fully Made Up, her latest creation in the form of a fully improvised cabaret, presented by Anywhere Theatre Festival.

The show sees Wynter playing an ageing cabaret starlet performing her career’s greatest hits: all of which are composed on the spot based on suggestions from the audience.

“It’s thrilling and terrifying and an amazing experience to go through with the crowd, it’s kind of like a tightrope act with no net. But I love that. The moment I know for sure it’s going to work is the moment it’s time to quit.”

To develop the show, Wynter travelled to New York to work with “the only people I could find in the world who are doing this kind of thing.”

While she was there she topped off the trip by winning the award for Best Variety Show at NYC’s United Solo Festival (for another show).

“It really was the trip of a lifetime. There is a part of me longing to move to New York for sure. But my community, my family and my life are here in Brisbane. I’m more determined than ever to bring the things I was inspired by over there and get them happening here at home.”

Fully Made Up: An Improvised Cabaret presented by Anywhere Theatre Festival

Can You Keep A Secret, 619-621 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba

Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th May
7.30pm, Tix $25


Hi-Res Images Available on request

For interview requests or further information, please contact
Jenny Wynter at

PDF: Media Release – Fully Made Up at the Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017

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Jenny Wynter Written by:

I’m a comedian, cabaret performer, improviser, writer, Clown Doctor and mother of three. In other words, I divide my life between strutting around onstage like the egomaniac I am, dolled up and trying to win the love of complete strangers and wrangling kidlets.

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