Links of the Week!

1. New issue of the increasingly wonderful Fear.Less is up!

2. And another fab online magazine I’ve just discovered: Maeve Magazine.

3. If you’re gonna quit, you might as well QUIT! (Update: it’s a hoax! Still funny, though).

4. For those of you whose minds are still falling out of their heads after seeing Inception, you might get a kick (no pun intended) out of this. Warning: spoiler alerts!

5. Brisbane creatives – Brisbane City Council’s just opened up the new round of Creative Sparks grants, amongst others. The good folk there were kind enough to give me the Lord Mayor’s Fellowship for New and Emerging Artists in 2006 to go train in the States and it was totally life changing. I’m thinking of doing some posts on here too with tips for grant-writing – interested?

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  1. sally
    August 12, 2010

    Now your just testing fate! That child’s cast is still in the waste basket at the doctors office jen! Get him off the skateboard!

    • August 12, 2010

      No, no, his cast is right here – we sculpted it into a skull and crossbones and dangled it over the trampoline. It’s awesome.

  2. August 13, 2010

    Definitely keen for tips on grant writing! Really enjoying the blog Jenny!!

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