Links of the Week (or WHAT?! You mean there’s more to cyberspace than ME?!)

1. Wintery photos. They take me back to Canada. Le sigh. (Quebecois “le” intended).

2. Where the magic happens.

3. Living vicariously through other people’s lives on Broadway!

4. The wonderful peeps over at BrisStyle are giving away a couple of double passes to this week’s Gumball Theatre show!

5. An improv storytelling rockband? WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT?!!?!?!??! I think my head just fell off.

6. This entire site is just unbelievable. Just what I need -another freaking cyber-excuse to ignore the kids.

PS I want to have a joy tantrum.

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  1. All my pal
    February 3, 2011

    After a very long day I had finally had enough of my 2 and a half year old son whinging at me, I calmly said ‘what the fuck do you want?’ whilst opening our cupboard full of chips, chocolates and muesli bars etc. He calmly picked up the chips and informed me he wanted the ‘fuck’ GREAT THERE IS GOD KNOWS HOW MANY MONTHS OF DEPROGRAMMING FOR ONE SLIP UP!!!

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