Is balance a myth?

Officially recommended by the Comic Mummy Foundation as part of a balanced diet.

I think it’s pretty much impossible for a wife, mom and entrepreneur to have true balance.  And to be honest, I’m not sure balance is what I am looking for.  I love having my head so full of ideas and possibilities… trying to get as much accomplished as possible.  I love deadlines and time lines and big DREAMS.

Kim Klassen, as told to Dana Barbieri

Seeing as ‘balance’ always seems to be touted as THE goal, this quote really made me think.

I mean, I recently have come to several realisations regarding the whole balance thing in my own life:

1) That my life is seasonal – I have months where it’s completely all about the kids, the family, etc. with just small glimpses of my career in the mix. Then I have others ( if I’m doing a residency or a festival, for instance) where it’s very much focused on the career stuff and I have to make other arrangements to take care of the domestic stuff. Which has led me to:

2 ) A long-term view on balance – that while each day, week or month might not be perfectly balanced, I trust that in the long-term i.e. over the course of a year, it will work itself out. I think. I’m kinda contradicting myself here though because I’ve also come to believe that:

3) Balance is a weird goal anyway. Given that even if we achieve it:

a) how do we know it? and

b) even if we do know it, almost the moment we think we’ve got it, it disappears. In other words, it’s a magical illusion. Like a rainbow, or a leprechaun or Johnny Depp, yes?

But back to the quote above. I kinda love that she’s throwing the whole balance thing to the curb like a Rikki Lake style deadbeat boyfriend, and instead just embracing the awesomeness of being overcrowded with imaginings, goals and dreams.

This speaks to me as I often curse myself for being so full of ideas (and other less pleasant things), rather than just being thankful. And joyful.

Even if this means that at times I might be unbalanced, at least there’s hope I might be gleefully so.

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  1. September 5, 2010

    Love your thoughts on balance. I think it is certainly seasonal. And above all you wrote, I am diggin the picture. Bet if you could package those puppies and send them out, you’d be all kinds-ah rich.

    • September 8, 2010

      Thanks Rae and thanks for stopping by! Haha, the pic is a creation of my 6-year-old – we took the fam to a buffet of sorts for my 8-year old’s birthday and this is the monstrocity that little master created. He couldn’t finish it. But yes, indeed, if you could just work out the refrigeration thing it would be a gold mine!

  2. September 5, 2010

    Balance is something motivated people strive for, but the lazy take for granted. The harder you work, the harder it is to achieve, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

    Balance is also knowing there is rat-kill in the cupboard, but knowing as happy as it would make you, giving it to the kids on their ice cream is a bad idea.

    • September 8, 2010

      Haha. In that case I don’t know what I am – no rat-kill or ice-cream in our house these days. Gloriously imbalanced perhaps?

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