Inspirational nuggets vs crazy blather. It’s a fine line.

Just wanted to pop in at the dawn of another weekend to share these little inspirational tid-bits.

They’re not related in any mind-blowingly direct way, other than that they both speak to me. You know. The way cats do when you’ve just had that little bit much to drink.

Me: “I know your game.”

Cat: “You know Jen, I’m not actually evil.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Cat: “Positive. Your basis for hating me is completely unfounded.”

Me: “Is not. I hate you because you’re lazy, spoiled and demand attention and affection purely when it suits YOU.”

Cat: “Exactly. Looking in a mirror, much?”


Cat: “Don’t let your brain fall out. After all, this conversation is only imaginary.”

Been there?

Anyhoo, the first tid-bit above I dig for reasons that are quite possibly self-evident. Yet, now I’ve written that, does that negate that? Hmmm. (Note to self: it’s the weekend. Not a time to think.)

The latter i.e. the pic below – rocks the freaking casbah just because it is what it is. A musical balcony? What? I’m so jealous.

I cannot wait for the day I can go completely nuts on customising my own balcony…

I’m thinking an Edward Scissorhands shaped instillation, hooked up to a bubble blowing machine, so that every afternoon upon arriving home, I could be greeted by my fave Johnny Depp alter-ego blowing magic my way.

If they work out a way to make bubbles out of tequila in the meantime, all the better.

I found this in NYC. Are you not entertained?!
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  1. Franipantz
    October 15, 2010

    Oooo I have an addition to make about the Mark Twains quote. It’s not only because people are small that they belittle your ambitions. Sometimes it’s perfectly lovely people who you wouldn’t necessarily consider as small or even jealous (though that’s pretty common too). Sometimes people don’t think it’s possible for you to achieve your dreams simply due to the fact they have limits applied to their own abilities and ambitions which is very sad. I’ve found that by understanding this, my determination is redoubled to achieving my ambitions knowing how much I’m going to inspire them by doing so. And it does! Opinions can be changed. You just have to prove them wrong. (and maybe in private do a little dance singing I was right I was right muhaha hahaha).

    • October 16, 2010

      That’s such a good point Frannie. It’s not necessarily just people being nasty or deliberately trying to bring you down, it can come from a really genuine and sometimes even loving place, from people who really care about you and don’t want you to get hurt!

      Thanks so much for bringing that up. And yay for calls to bravado! Even though these people in our lives might have good intentions, it certainly doesn’t mean we need to subscribe to their train of thought.


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