Going Public With Your Wildest Ambitions

So in all my calls to bravado of “Share Your Dreams!”, my dear friend Alex picked up on the fact that my shouts to action hadn’t quite drowned out the glaringly obvious fact that I, myself, had not yet divulged the deepest longings of my heart.

Why? Because it’s terrifying. It’s one thing to allow yourself to dream up grand plans, but it’s quite another to share these longings with the world, to put them (and more notably, yourself) in the direct eye of others, who can see exactly if and when you actually put your money with your mouth is. Because if you don’t, oh hells to the no, you might actually look… *shock horror* STUPID.

But, even just writing that there, makes it feel a lot easier to pour it out. Namely because:

a) Who cares if I look stupid? Really? You’re looking at somebody who’s flashed their nether-regions at an entire room-full of strangers under fluorescent lighting no less (during birth, thanks very much, I’m not THAT bad. Ehem.)

b) Going public makes me feel that little bit more accountable. Perhaps it shall inspire some action? (Agh, okay, I’m totally freaking out now. Ventolin? Okay. No, no, please don’t worry, I’m good now, really.)

c) By me saying “Share your dreams, it’s better for you than an apple a day!” but then refusing to walk the walk myself and hiding my stuff away where it’s safe, private and – here’s the clincher – unlikely to ever see the light of day, I am really saying that I’m full of it, and that really, you should keep it to yourself too.

So, adieu my inner hypocrite!

Now say hello to my biggest, wildest, untamed dreams:

1. To create an arts retreat centre, (inspired by the incredible Banff Centre in Canada, where I was extremely fortunate to do my own residency last year) somewhere in the hills of northern NSW or Maleny, to which people can come to create new works (in one of the gorgeous little studios around the property), run workshops, conferences, retreats, and the like including an annual Improvisation retreat.

2. To run my own production company, which not only produces projects for screen (feature films, docos and television projects) but is an extraordinarily family friendly place to work.

3. To write/perform in/host a comedy television show of such utter brilliance and sheer fabulousness that it is only spoken of by future generations in whispered gasps of awe.

4. To launch an organisation which encourages and supports families to do volunteer trips abroad.

5. To be a philanthropist, setting up some sort of organisation or initiative whereby improvisers, comedians and other performers can access opportunities to improve their skills and create new work.

6. To write a national column and publish my cartoon on parenting through funny-coloured glasses.

7. To write books, non-fiction, fiction and of course, spend my twilight years pouring myself into my extremely self-indulgent memoirs.

8. To travel, travel and travel. Perhaps even come up with some projects which delve into the tribulations and triumphs of doing this with kiddly-winks.

9. To deck out an amazing family-friendly Tour Bus and do comedy tours of various continents with the fam, no less, perhaps documenting this ridiculousness in some form.

10. To spend my final years with family and soul-friends around, my marriage and integrity in tact and my soul at ease.

Phew. See? Piece of cake.

*knocking back a Scotch*

Image courtesy of Stephen Mitchell

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  1. June 19, 2010

    Jenny- every single one of these dreams are incredible (and well within your astounding capabilities)! In fact, so many of them you have done in some form already- traveling, producing, writing, performing, creating- and you have certainly inspired so many others to do the same…it is a pleasure to follow your journey.

    Thank you!

    xx AL

    • June 20, 2010

      Oh thanks Al, actually now I’ve written them down I feel like I have a bit of a roadmap for this crazy life. Thanks so much for your kind words and for journeying with me! x

  2. June 19, 2010

    Ah Jenny, you are the brave one! I support your dreams and throw lots of positive energy your way! My wise uncle just text messaged me today and told me to “just go on doing what you love with a passion and with unswerving belief in your capacity to succeed” – that message I share with you too. You inspire me 😉

    • June 20, 2010

      Oh thanks Indy, wow, I love that advice, how beautiful! That really resonates with me right now. x

  3. June 20, 2010

    I love your BIG, BIG dreams and believe you can accomplish them all. I also applaud you for showing that inner hypocrite that it is not the boss of you 🙂 Looking forward to working with you!

    • June 20, 2010

      Thanks so much Jean, I’m really excited about working together too! 🙂

  4. June 20, 2010


    • June 21, 2010

      Oh, thanks so much Robin, it’s amazing how sharing this kinda stuff and then hearing the cheers of others just makes it all seem in the realm of possibility. 🙂

  5. June 21, 2010

    Hey, great idea for a blog… The video blog was funny. My only problem is that can’t read the tiny yellow writing. And I do so want to read it. It looks funny and I know it will be.
    I don’t know if it’s my aging eyes – I have put off getting reading glasses. But I have 3 kids and I need so much to learn what you have to say.

    • June 21, 2010

      Oh wow, thank you so so much for pointing that out! Little ole’ techno-plebby me was mucking around last night with some styling and apparently I need to stick to laundry from now on!! 🙂

      So glad you pointed it out, it’s absolutely NOT your eyes, fret ye not! Thanks so much for coming over – my fellow mother-of-three! x

      • June 21, 2010

        Thanks, I was worried I was being a criticising b****. anyway , its a great website. I love your photos. They all look like you are so much fun, you gotta love that!

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