Goals for 2011

Write and shoot a pilot (and more!) of this sit-com I’m currently working on. Last night my best friend Frankie and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning (her 30th birthday, no less!) sketching out a backbone for the entire show run. So freaking pumped!

Get Gumball Theatre running in a most professional and awesome manner. Note: I have actually formalised what this entails in my business plan musings, but for the purposes of readability here, will leave it at that!

Develop my solo show to a point where it is well and truly peformance ready – to pitch to festivals and the like for world domination in the latter half of 2011-2012.

Go to LA to become a ton better at solo and musical improv respectively. Happening. Agh.

Go to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Invite more people over to my house for socialising.

Taking up a new sport. Maybe it’s time to get back into tennis.

Regular date time with the hubbster.

Regular date time with the kidlets.

Eat fresh food.

Exercise daily.


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