Embracing Being a Scanner, An ENFP and my inner Kate Winslet

Shot on the road in Goondwindi last week.

Most days I have so many damn ideas floating around in this little old brain that their sheer volume presses on some strange nerve inside and renders me paralysed.

Unable to choose one. Unable to act on any. Unable to move forward.

I am, you see, a bonafide scanner. Sarah Wilson first introduced me to this concept on her blog – which I dig tremendously – and immediately it made sense.

Compound to this the discovery that I am a classic ENFP personality type – no really, I even did the test twice – and there you have it. I get so inspired and excited by the next shiny, new idea that I fail to complete whatever it is I was just working on. Really, I should just take a moment to appreciate the miracle of me not having eighteen babies by now. (But they’re just so…NEW!)

On one personality profile breakdown (which, by the way, I couldn’t recommend anybody doing this more highly – it really blew my mind, and then my husband’s when he did his, it was spookily accurate in terms of…well everything from how our personalities affect our relationships, our parenting, our career, our reaction to reading personality profiles…) it said that the key to my success was this:


So that is what I’m trying desperately to work on over here at Comic Mummy HQ.

Already though, I amuse myself no end with my rebellion against these “helpful” guidelines.  No kidding, the little tantrum I put up internally at having to narrow down my current focus projects to three was not unlike a hippy chaining themselves to old-growth.

“Nooooo!” shriek my inner rebels, rallying for dear life against the bulldozers of discipline. “We shall not be defeated! You shall not pass!”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” say the voices of organised reason. “I’m not LOGGING your damn ideas, I’m simply putting them out to pasture. Just for a bit. Where they will be happy. And continue to become old growth. Let go! Let go! Let go!”

“I’ll never let go!” say the hippies, somehow morphing into Kate Winslet. “I’ll never let go, Jack.”

But, as we all know, even dear old clingy Kate found it in herself to let go of poor old Leo, eventually, thrusting him downwards to his icy fate. (In her defence, she was rather chilly as I recall, and I know my brain turns to mush when I catch a cool breeze).

Point is, she did let go. And so shall I.

Image courtesy of www.meh.ro

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got Celine Dion playing in my head right now.

Never a good thing.


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  1. Franipantz
    July 24, 2012

    Ahh Jen, I’m a fellow ENFP and have similar difficulties with so many creative buzzings in my head I have mostly chosen to ignore them all because it just seemed as though all that stuff going on inside was just a waste of time. So I work a job well beneath my abilities, talent and ambitions (but I do kind of enjoy kicking ass at something that comes so easy and insisting everyone treat me with the utmost respect at all times because I am Fran. And kick ass.), simply to keep a stable financial life of sorts. I’ve been doing this for YEARS! Does it frustrate me? YES! Every day. Do I come home and work on my own creative stuff? Yes and no. I need to discipline myself and I find the best way is to have a project given to me, or volunteered to, that has a deadline. Even if I have a 1001 other creative ideas the haunt me on the bus on the way home or while I’m at work, if I have a deadline, I MAKE IT HAPPEN no matter what. Giving myself a deadline is not so easy. Work deadlines – piece of cake. As it happens I’ve found a relatively creative place where I’ve managed to squeeze in a few creative artistic things that have been very well received. They could go much further if I wanted to push it but I’m just not very pushy. So I put my latest creative work printed in a clear plastic folder on my desk and wait for someone to push me. That’s pretty lame I know, and I’m constantly thinking of other great stuff I would like to explore and do or I’m just plain lazy and love coming home and watching TV and reading comic mummy and pontificating/I mean growing my precious exciting ideas. Sometimes I get pissed I don’t write them all down, and sometimes I wonder why the hell I wrote that down it’s the lamest idea I’ve ever had, even if it seemed fantastic at the time.
    The first time I committed something to myself along and completed it was the marathon. I find myself clinging onto that memory of myself, because that’s all it is now. If I want to be that person again I have to make that happen on a daily basis. It wasn’t about running or proving someone’s doubts about my capabilities WRONG… okay yes it was a lot about both those things, but what I got out of it was that I FINISHED something I alone had set out to do. That doesn’t happen often in the life of an ENFP I suspect unless you have the will of solid steel to enjoy the creative wranglings of one’s imagination to focus specifically on something you can see a solid outcome for. I WILL finish my illustration of the bell tower this week. And THEN I’ll let myself do all the other illustrations of the palace I’ve thought about doing…. oh gawd it’s too much, I’m having a beer.

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