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Wonderland featuring Betty and the Betties pozible vid from Jenny Wynter on Vimeo. This is it! The project I was banging on about yesterday! It’s all about taking my newest show, called ‘Jenny Wynter’s Wonderland! Featuring Betty and the Betties!’ to the Adelaide Fringe in 2013 and it has officially launched today right here! I won’t harp on about the details here, as if you click over to the page itself, all will be revealed! It tells you what the show is all about (clue: JAWESOMENESS), how you can be involved (including IN THE SHOW ITSELF), ridiculously cool stuff you…

So that video I was telling you about, from the Australian Cabaret Summer School showcase is online! Huzzah! Please enjoy. And if you do enjoy, then please share it around with people you wish to mildly amuse. I would hugely appreciate it. xx P.S. Musical accompaniment from the utterly brilliant Matthew Carey.

So overdue. Those of you paying extra close attention might notice that I’ve tagged this with, amongst other things, “thyroid imbalances on film.” Nuff said. I’m off to google “colon cleanse”.