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So last year I had this mad idea to create a completely improvised cabaret. I wasn’t even sure if such a thing existed but through the magic of the internetty place, I was able to find some amazing mentors and teachers, in the form of Jason Kravits, Ashley England and the dudes at North Coast Improv Hip Hop to name a few, to help me take the first steps to actually making this happen! The resulting show is called “Fully Made Up!” and is an incredibly silly hour-long romp entirely created from audience suggestions. I’m working with two amazing musicians (my…

Suffice to say that the lack of blog posts indicates how insanely jam-packed the itinerary has been this trip. I shall attempt to summarise in point form: I walked up to our apartment (a gorgeous little airbnb which if you ever happen to be in Marseille you should TOTALLY stay in, it’s amazing) and squealed at the view. And by that I mean I squealed EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Marseille is one of the most creatively inspiring and photogenic places I’ve ever been. I adored it and took a billion photos. Let me show you round.   the writing residency I…

Oh my Bowie. Oh my Bowie. Oh my Bowie.

In a little over 24 hours I’ll be heading on the trip of a freaking lifetime.

After de-jetlagging in London and Paris (yeah right…I’m sure I’ll be sleeping A LOT) I’m heading to Marseille to take part in this amazing writing residency which I had the tremendous fortune of winning my place in earlier this year at Melbourne Web Fest. I’ll be working on developing “Viking Mama” as a web TV series, after which I’ll be returning to pitch it in full to the ABC.

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