And the winners are…!

Ladies and gentlemen, the random generator has spoken!

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The winners of the great big Comic Mummy giveaway are:

1. Kerry from Motherhood and Everything Else
2. Donna from Donna Heart
3. Lisa from The Wright Stuff
4. Robin from Well of Creations
5. Rebecca from A Green Cow

Now, in a little bit of Comic Mummy trivia (really, is there such a thing? Really? No. But let’s just pretend, shall we?) Rebecca from A Green Cow was actually a runner-up in my Facebook page giveaway, meaning that she already has a copy of my delightfully shiny CD. I’m serious. Catch it in the right light and it glimmers.

So as such…….

In a surprise bonus move not seen since God threw in Eve, I’m gonna throw out a coupla extra copies of my CD to worthy runners-up here (I know, it doesn’t even make competitive or mathematical SENSE!) but such is my mood of whimsy, delight and extravagant generosity, that to hell with logic, truth and math!

Honorary CDs coming atchya to:

Alex from Yummy Mummy Spits the Dummy


Kate from KateWares

Now how is THAT?! My first CM blog giveaway and who gets the prizes? Only 100% of the people who entered!

Thanks for spreading the love people. Shoot me an email if you please and let me know where to send your ball of wonder.

I am soooo feeling like Oprah right now. Minus the money. But other than that? SOOOOO feeling like Oprah.

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jennywynter Written by:


  1. July 12, 2010

    Oh gush, gush, tears, emotion. I don’t know what to say…. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you…

    • July 13, 2010

      You’re welcome! Ooh, I do love a good mush-fest!

  2. July 12, 2010

    Hang on a minute, how does this work? I win, but because I have already won, someone else gets my prize? Sounds a bit Ed Kavalee to me.

    Just think of all the fun things I could do, if I had two of your wonderful CD’s in my possession?

    Pretend to have Mickey Mouse ears.
    Serve small pizzas to two people at the one time.
    Set the fashion world buzzing with unique earrings.
    Paint them yellow and land aircraft.
    Attach toilet roll holders and play table tennis with someone.
    Enter the Olympics as a duel discus thrower.
    Use them as the wheels on a musical bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle.

    Oh well, I guess I will never live the dream now, but at least someone else can enjoy listening to Comic Mummy.

    • July 13, 2010

      Hey, hey, hey! No, you DOOO get your prize, just sans the second CD – unless you really want it. Which, judging by your post, I’m thinking you actually do…

      Hmmm! Solution! The one part of your prize you DON’T already own is the DVD of my fringe show, so you’ll still have another shiny round thing to do all of the above with.

      Don’t say I’m not accommodating!

      (No really, don’t).

  3. July 13, 2010

    Whew! I was getting worried there that I was about to lose the only thing I’ve ever won! Oh, sure, my father in law can’t walk into a casino without machines practically throwing money at him, but I have very little luck when it comes to winning stuff. I was fully prepared to do battle with Rebecca – perhaps hand-to-hand combat with CDs? – but I am relieved that it will not have to come to this. Thank you so much, Jenny Wynter, for my wonderful prize! Woo!!!
    xo K

    • July 13, 2010

      Hand to hand combat with my CDS….oooh, if we can get it on youtube, imagine! Possibilities, people! Very exciting…you’re giving me ideas for the next giveaway. HMMM!! xx

  4. July 13, 2010

    Comic Mummy, you are so not accommod[THUD!] Hey that hurt. Ok, point taken, a doovde is also round and I like round things. A doovde is also shiny and I like shiny things. This makes a doodve a round thing, that is shiny, so I really like it.

    The only thing I am disappointed at, is not being able to fire CD’s at 20 paces with Kate. Mind you, it could make for a good Fringe show itself. Mmm, where did I put that funding application form?

    • July 13, 2010

      Sorry hon, I’d offer you ice but I’m afraid my freezer isn’t even that accommod….HANG ON!

      I love it, seriously, love it – perhaps we can organise a skype-off next time? 😉

  5. July 13, 2010

    A Skype-off sounds good. Would it be in the form of a love song performed to win the (give away) heart of C.M. or a Do Run Run?

    Or we could just go to the old standard of “Yo Momma” jokes, like:
    Yo Momma is so fat, cause every time she laughs at Comic Mummy’s CD, she eats a cookie.

    *Please note, Comic Mummy is not considered the “Momma” in the “Yo Momma” attempt at humour.

    • July 13, 2010

      HAHA – I don’t like writing ‘lol’ cos it’s so overdone, but you just made me LOL. Love it, woman. 🙂

      • July 14, 2010

        I’m just going to quietly smile here in the corner, m’kay?
        =) K

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