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About Me

Note: Before you decide to commit to the friendship here at Comic Mummy headquarters, you really should click here.

Well, hey there…YOU!

My name is Jenny, but now that we’re friends, you can call me “Jen.” Or “lady”. Or “you”.

I’m a comedian, cabaret performer, improviser, traveller, wife, utter unabashed showpony and mother of three.

In other words, I divide my life between strutting around onstage like the egomaniac I am, dolled up and trying to win the love of complete strangers…

…and wrangling kidlets, looking gloriously unkempt while doing so, usually covered in eight different brands of breakfast cereal and/or looking like a mushroom defiantly growing in a giant pat of cow-shit.

Here at club Comic Mummy, I blog about my adventures in carving out a career on the stage while wrangling those delightful little dumplings of blood, sweat and tears and yes, awesomeness: my kidlets.

I also have a one-woman show called “An Unexpected Variety Show” which I love dearly and is currently doing the rounds of the Aussie festival circuit, with whispers of bringing it abroad soon too. People have said nice things about it. It’s won an award and stuff. If you’re around, you should totally come see it and we can clink glasses or at least acknowledge each other with a mutual eyebrow lift.

So, how you’ve stumbled upon here I’m not sure.

Perhaps you’ve seen me perform and simply had to find out what that ball of nuttiness you saw on stage actually comprised.

Perhaps you’re a long lost friend I recently reconnected with on Facebook and you are researching me in that ‘wow, where are they now?’ or ‘I cannot wait to track her down and boil her bunnies’ kinda way.

Or perhaps you were simply procrastinating at work by googling things like ‘ball of nuttiness’ or ‘boil her bunnies’.

Either way, please, play around and make yourself at home. Not necessarily in that order. Whatever works. See how completely flexible and easy going I am?


Jen. xx

So who is this Jen person anyway?

Now, if I haven’t given you enough tittilating blather about myself, then from here you may embark on an adventure of the choose-your-own variety. You can opt for either:

the professional bio, resplendant in all its oozy, gory detail; and/or

the extremely unprofessional bio, seeping with all the brutality of a tortured youth.

If you’re still wanting more, then please. See a doctor.

Go forth!