About Me


My name is Jenny Wynter. Nice to cyber-meet you!

I’m a comedian, cabaret performer, improviser, writer, Clown Doctormother of three I made myself and three bonus kidlets thanks to my wonderful partner.

In other words, I divide my life between strutting around onstage like the egomaniac I am, dolled up and trying to win the love of complete strangers…

…and wrangling kidlets, looking gloriously unkempt while doing so, usually covered in eight different brands of breakfast cereal and/or looking like a mushroom defiantly growing in a giant pat of cow-shit.

I USED to blog on here about living massively ridiculous dreams with kids in tow, about my adventures in comedy while working on cruise ships and doing the festival circuit. Then my marriage broke up, my Mum got sick, I quit comedy for a while to be with her until she died and then – probably not surprisingly – found myself in the middle of a personal crossroads. So I did the logical thing and auditioned to be a Clown Doctor. It’s changing my life.


So NOW I think I’ll be blogging on here about life, love, improv, humour as a therapeutic tool, kids, grief, death…it’ll be one big emotional party.

All the “how to do a great blog” advice says to find your niche and be good at it. But I can’t pretend to be focused right now when I’m not. What I can promise you here is my heart will be spilled in various ways on the cyber-page. That’s it.

Now please, make yourself at home.

Jen. xx

Now, if that isn’t enough tittilating blather about myself, then from here you may embark on an adventure of the choose-your-own variety. You can opt for either:

the professional bio, resplendant in all its oozy, gory detail; and/or

the extremely unprofessional bio, seeping with all the brutality of a tortured youth.

If you’re still wanting more of me then please, join the queue behind my overlooked children.


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  1. Jani
    October 16, 2008

    Awesome web site, all the best with the baby and performances!! J. from Finland.

  2. jennywynter
    October 17, 2008

    Thanks Jani! xx

  3. Kieran
    November 5, 2008

    Hey Jen!

    Just thought I’d say thanks for your old blog! Only found it today so Im reading through the whole thing (Im meant to be working, but this is WAAY more interesting)

    In my rather cheesy English way, I just want to say thank you for giving me the confidence needed to actually get out and find some open mic spots. Ive googled my local clubs, so will be contacting them tonight! WOOP!


    PS. Congrats on your pregnancy! (I did type “Well done” at first, but thats a bit weird, isnt it!?)

  4. jennywynter
    November 6, 2008

    Oh wow, you’re so very welcome Kieran!! Go you good thang!

    PS I LOVE cheese. In all its forms, including the written one. As you will soon realise if you hang out here very long! 🙂

  5. June 4, 2010

    Hello! I’m in the flying lesson class with you! I resonated w/your comment bout putting your prices up up and away and ridiculous enough get bought or sold (whatever your pleasure). It’s so true. weird but true.

    I’m so glad I stopped by I love your tone and wit! Truthfully you had me at the bubbles! I loved reading, “seeping with all the brutality of a tortured youth.” Unfortunately, I relate to the tortured part & at times that part wants to scream, Ak, yeah, but no – more like brutality. I feel I had to spend my 20s healing my teens so I have catching up to do and doing it I am! No holds bar w/bubbles!

    • June 5, 2010

      Hi Stephey, thank you so much for coming over! Love your blog, really amazing and so very inspiring. So much goodness coming out of this class already it’s quite overwhelming! Fantastic to meet you and look forward to connecting more. x

  6. June 21, 2010

    Birth is like start of the film , death is like end of the film , life is to watch the film to know your role and my part.

    you are in a lead role…..enjoy…

    • June 21, 2010

      Thanks Ramo so much for stopping by here and watching my part unfold! 🙂

  7. September 12, 2010

    Jenny you crack me up! I’m now officially subscribing to you. Loved meeting you at the “single person table” at H&C’s wedding. I read my first blog (well to be specific…you wrote it…I read it…first = my first time to read a blog that you’ve already written) TODAY!

    And for what it’s worth…I have a Facebook and a Fakebook! And only I choose who is worthy of which. Don’t let them get you down JW!

    Big love and pixie dust.

    Miss S.

    • November 7, 2011

      Ooh, I love ya Sandra! Thanks for your gorgeous words, meeting you was an absolute joy at the wedding, so, so great. Hope all is rocking in your world! xx

  8. Anika
    September 29, 2010

    Hey Jenny! i must admit , i never blog or go on sites such as these, but i am very impressed and glad that someone with three balls of stress running around can still see the bright side of life and be herself..

    Sooo.. i thought id leave a comment. i found you on the bond alumni website, as i too, am a i graduate of bond..

    keep up with the great work!! i will be COMMITED and TAKE THE PLUNGE with ya! looking forward to it ! xoxo


    • November 7, 2011

      Hi Anika, you lovely morsel of post Bondie goodness! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, really appreciate that and very cool to see you getting into plunging and all. Big hugs to you! xx

  9. My goodness, you seem quite unique and humourous. Improvis a unique art form but the secret is to be over prepared. I am recently retired and have done some drama teaching and one woman comedy bits for community benefits/charities…in big demand because I’m free. Nice to meet you.

    • November 7, 2011

      I am an Embarrassment of Lateness, in terms of replying to your lovely comment, please forgive me! I’m so crap at checking my comments on these pages, thank you so much. Lovely to meet you and hope all is going well with your comedy and teaching too! x

  10. November 1, 2011

    damn, I just commented on your old blog and then realised the post I found you on is four years old. so here I am, in the future, and you’re still awesome.

    • November 7, 2011

      Haha, thanks for that lovely comment Ellie, on both blogs no less! You inspired me to go back and read what I’d written, thank you for stoking my narcissistic side, not that it needs much help. Big love x

  11. Roger Maloney
    June 7, 2012

    Hi Jen, I’m sort of an old friend of the family – went to school with your uncle Doug and got to know your mum Diane. She was my first real girlfriend and we kept in touch over the years. I saw the photo of you and Di making cookies and the tears streamed down my face. (Not a good look at 63) Anyway I’m so glad to see you doing so well. I’m sure Dinie is so proud.

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