Viking Mama!

“…rollicking great fun. It delivers the subtly feminist message that women are warriors and it is a pleasure to watch. Jenny Wynter, I hope you get some kind of weird arts council grant for this.” Heckler Mag 

“It’s great and has a magnificent, bent climax. I loved it.” Frank Woodley

frank woodley

“A one woman rock opera about finding the warrior within – hell yes!!!” Katie Noonan, My Fringe Picks 2014

★★★★”Audience members keel over with laughter…” SceneStr Magazine

Viking Mama! is a shamelessly silly but poignant rock opera that follows a day in the life of a viking mother as she tries desperately to throw together a last minute third birthday bash for her little Viking son (played by a lettuce. Yes, you read that right), while fighting off the passive aggressive jibes of her perfect prim and proper neighbour, calming down a hyper-inappropriate grandmother and juggling all the other members of the tribe.

Flanking her are the Valkyries (played by Betty and the Betties), offering advice, support and vocal backing during the show’s many musical tangents, as well as a beard-clad lady keyboardist.

“Viking Mama is a hyperbolic comedic romp which will have you laughing and nodding at the outlandish yet familiar turbulence of loving a family so much you could kill them.” Families Magazine

“Very, very funny.” Susan Hetherington, 612ABC

Melbourne Cabaret Festival
June 23-25, 7pm
Tix here!

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