A creative “Bucket List” alternative!

And at the risk of looking like the housework avoiding, blog-obsessed, enthusiastic sharer that I’m rapidly becoming, I just couldn’t go on before sharing this with you.

Namely because it’s just so freaking cool.

“37 Things to Do Before I Turn 38” from Michelle my Belle

Go see her incredible, uber-inspiring blog right over here.

Now, go forth and have a wicked weekend! x

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jennywynter Written by:


  1. June 12, 2010

    Hey Jen…left a comment on your other blog, then found you over here…nice to see you back blogging…you look well!

    My new site is over at missconstrewed.blogspot.com but beware…it’s become a haven of nasty emails better myself and my ex chronicling our bitter breakup…it’s truly yuck.

    Hope you Tim and the kids are well

    Rn x

    • June 13, 2010

      Hey hon, I’m so silly, in a sleep-deprived haze I went to your old blog, I know you’re on missconstrewed cos I check in every now and then!! Just stupidity, wasn’t thinking at all! Hope you’re okay my dear, so lovely to see you round these parts again. x

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