5 Things That Have Happened During My Accidental Blogging Hiatus

My little dude with his little dudey plaque

1. I have officially been redeemed – at least for now – as not COMPLETELY sucking at this mothering thing. My babies won awards! Which you know, of course, is nothing more than an utter reflection on MY awesomeness! Huzzah! I celebrated by coating their respective trophies with tequila and licking it off while humming “We Are the Champions.”

2. I touched a snake. Three different ones, actually. If you know me and how much I am TERRI-FREAKING-HORRIFIED by reptiles (and a little side thanks there to Harry Potter for making things worse), then you will fully implode right about now. Thank you Bunnings Christmas party.

3. I have taken discovered that I am possibly finding too much enjoyment from young children asking me about my new hair. My fave answers so far to the “Why do you have pink hair?” question:

“I ate too many strawberries.”

“What? I have pink hair? AAGH!”

“When your mummy says you’ve had enough ice-cream…LISTEN.”

4. I have bought an all-new and exciting gumball machine!!! Now I just have to work out how to keep the kids’ paws off it before show-time. I guess that was one side-effect of naming the company something that excites children. Hmmmm.

5. I have seen the new Harry Potter movie and loved it. I have also seen the new Megamind movie and loved it. I have also seen the new rain forecasts coinciding with school holidays and… guess.

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  1. December 5, 2010

    I love how when your kids do stuff, it proves how awesome you are. My fave is when their first tooth falls out – cos then that proves that you are the bestest mum in the world!

    Also, they should be rewarded grossly for something that is a natural phenomena anway, like by giving ’em 50 bucks for being so “clever”

    Haven’t seen Harry Potter yet, nor had a moment of time away from offspring. Please shut up now and stop teasing.

    Love the hair, by the way 🙂

  2. December 6, 2010

    Likin the hair – but especially impressed by the chink of light reflecting off your friend’s sunglasses – looks really Hollywood!

    I was at a creative writing contest the other week. One category was for under 18s. You should have seen the face on the winning girl’s mother – she looked fit to burst with pride. It brought a tear to my eye I can tell you…

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