2017: A Navel-Gazing Year In Review

Each year I love to promise myself I’ll get better at blogging regularly, then fail, then try to redeem myself with the very bare minimum of a year-in-review post. It’s really only so one day, my offspring have some piece of me left to ignore.

*Note: recap focuses primarily on, as Miss Piggy would say, “Moi!” (And French people I suppose if you’re nitpicking.) There’s a bit of family stuff but not too much, not ‘cos it didn’t happen (which it definitely did, and by Bowie, my nerves are frayed), but because my kids tend to value “privacy.” Quotation marks intended. I really can’t connect with youth.

2017: A Mighty Trip Round the Sun


Pinky McFluff at GOMA’s 10th Birthday Celebrations!

Performing wise the year kicked off with a new kids show developed for GOMA’s 10th birthday, plus some family tours of the exhibition.

Also, we lived in the swimming pool. #brisbanesummer


As we have no less than half the family’s birthdays within a week, we celebrated with a trip to Infinity at Surfers Paradise which, as it turns out, lasts far less than infinity when the kids treat it like a race. We drove over two hours to get there and back, for a grand total of 15 minutes inside. In fairness, the car ride definitely felt like it lasted forever.

March: BOOM!

MCd the launch of Anywhere Theatre Festival at the stunning Underground Opera space

Did the Holt Bolt with a bunch of fab ladies

Shaved my head (spoiler alert: it grows back)

Wallpapered our kitchen


I never dreamed a pair of undies would cost me thousands of dollars, but as it turns out, life is a saucy minx full of surprises! Buble swallowed them, we got them taken out and wept into our weet-bix.

Attended our first Planting Festival (a mini Woodford mid-year which is cool, chilled and delightful!) My sister joined team Fully Made Up, making it a full family affair – and debuted a new kids show as Wilomena Winkle!


Was asked to publicly exhibit my incredible pool skills (incredible = not incredible) in a very fun hour-long interview on ABC612.

Took my newly teenagered son to Movieworld for his birthday and he made me go on everything. I’m still shaking.

This was taken seconds after a lady stopped and tapped me on the shoulder, I thought to encourage me, but no, turns out to tell me my shirt was on inside out. I didn’t care. I’m pretty sure by the end my bra was too.

Did a Wanderlust triahtlon of 5k run, yoga and something else I clearly have wiped out of my mind. I think it was meditation? Clearly I was extremely present.


Thanks to my wondrous Auntie’s 50th V party, we achieved my lifelong dream of justifiably dressing up as the Von Trapps!

Performed a snippet of Fully Made Up at the Brisbane Powerhouse, then woke up to this beautiful review.

Performed an all new show at Queensland Cabaret Festival, YOU: A Cabaret!

I also started studying! I’m in the baby stages of stepping into the world of Social Work…not sure where it’s gonna lead exactly but I know I want to ultimately do something with comedy and improv in health settings!


We took Fully Made Up to Melbourne!

We had a 20’s engagement party and it was classy as heck.


My bestie and our teenage gals had a weekend of pampering, massages (meaning we paid the teens to massage us #winning #lifehack) and documenting the very normal activities one partakes in on such occasions.

My Dad Wrote A Porno came to town so we joined the secret society of Belinkers.

Had my mind blown by the wonder that is Kinky Boots. I loved it so much that naturally, my man made me some earrings inspired by it, and I took Mister 14 back to see it again with me so he could marvel at the performances.

MCed a special luncheon for hundreds of mums, hosted by SchoolMum. Met some fab folks including Bruce from Big Family Little Income, Liss Melissa and Ali from The Organised Housewife.


Fully Made Up made an appearance at Brisbane Festival, when this little legend (pictured above) couldn’t stop herself from wanting to be involved. She burst onstage and told me she makes up songs – so I invited her and her sister to sing a trio with me. It was delicious.

I became a Fly In Fly Out worker for a few days, jetting back and forth to Melbourne for a couple of gigs at retirement villages, thus fulfilling a bucket list item of having a greenroom full of crocheted raffle items.

Performed on a comedy cruise on the Pacific Aria and got spoiled rotten.


Saw Kinky Boots again (yes, really) for my sister’s birthday.

Taught improv to a hip hop crew at the Generate Festival.

Started production for my new web series, How Me Parent Good, which Moreton Bay Regional Council has been rad enough to fund.


Took the kids to my bestie’s property for a glorious nature-fueled weekend where we did exactly what normal people do.

Coming in 2018!

Plotted a podcast with my daughter.


As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, “If I forget to tell you later, I had a really great time.”


I’m still loving working as  a Clown Doctor with The Humour Foundation

…pop up on ABC radio panel shows here and there…

…and hang out with a billion kidlets who are all magnificent 110% of the time, mostly due to my fine example.

Wishing you a delicious New Year. Not all of you, just you who read the whole way through. xxx




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