2015: A Year In Gloriously Navel-Gazing Review

Back to the Future arts and crafts. Yes. Yes it really happened.
Back to the Future arts and crafts. Yes. Yes it really happened.

I spent the countdown to New Years’ Eve sitting on the hill in the amphitheatre at Woodford Folk Festival, bawling my eyes out while giving 2014 the finger. After the shite-pile that was last year for my family – death, divorce, two interstate moves and severe declines in mental illness – it really did seem that entering this new year, the only way was up.

And you know what? I really think it was.

In 2015, I:

  • fell even more utterly and completely head over heels in love with a truly brilliant and wonderful human;
  • became a Clown Doctor in training;
  • tutored kids in Maths and English at my local PCYC and loved it;
  • started running in training for my first ever Colour Run – which was then cancelled due to lack of numbers, so I stopped running. But I WILL START AGAIN!
  • completed my first ever National Novel Writing Month challenge to write over 50,000 words in November, thus the first draft of my memoir, loosely titled “The Year My Life Broke” was born;
  • got wiped out by the worst flu of my life, during the school holidays no less, with the silver lining being that I discovered my three offspring left to their own devices actually can get along;
  • continued to walk the good walk through grief, with the help of regular counselling, writing and a rock solid partner;
  • went camping for a week with extended family (between my partner and I, my sister and bro-in-law and one of my best mates’, we had seventeen people present, twelve of whom were children);
  • discovered the joy of magic (I’ve started doing it in the hospital and cannot believe how much I love it);
  • lived in my OWN place – with my kids of course – but my very own place for the first time since my uni days;
  • did a step-parenting course;
  • had a wine and cheese breakfast picnic in bed and yes it was as awesome as it sounds;
  • dipped a toe back into the world of stand-up, not chasing gigs but only doing those that come to me, and incorporating more improv into my act than ever before.

Indeed, there were some beyond shitty bits of this year too. There always are, aren’t there? But I am trying to get better at focusing on the good bits. On being grateful. Because when you go forth and write it all out, damn there is a lot to be grateful for.

Thanks 2015. It really has been pretty swell.


The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Funemployed by Justin Heazlewood

Yes Please! By Amy Poehler

Why Not Me? By Mandy Kaling

Philomena by Martin Sixsmith

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

So many more books are burning a hole in my Kindle. Next year, I swear. I SWEAR!


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I’m a comedian, cabaret performer, improviser, writer, Clown Doctor and mother of three. In other words, I divide my life between strutting around onstage like the egomaniac I am, dolled up and trying to win the love of complete strangers and wrangling kidlets.

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