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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Introducing…Betty and the Betties!

I’ve been so pumped about this project for ages and FINALLY I can let the cat outta the bag. Introducing: Betty and the Betties! Squee!

This is a new project my sister started up – an acapella girls group with a focus on bringing a 40’s war-time style twist to some rocking Aussie contemporary classics. We’ve been meeting up in secret (love saying that as it’s the closest I’m ever gonna get to being a glamour spy-puss in this life) over the past few months and I am really stoked by this budding collab.

Lots of singing, giggles and slightly illegal doses of hairspray and lippie. What’s not to love?

Have a beautiful weekend folks.


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A Sitcom Just Waiting to be Written

Spotted an ad the other day for this cute little theatre currently on the market in Tassie. Ever since I’ve been dreaming about an alternate reality where we buy a theatre in a tiny little town in a stunningly gorgeous-but-isolated nugget of Australia. It really is just a sitcom waiting to be written. As, itContinue Reading

Finding Clarity Through Crisis (or “The Lump in my Breast and My Throat.”)

Yesterday starts out like any other. I drop the kids at school, drop Cass to daycare, I kiss them all goodbye. I manage to sneak in a quiet coffee and to-do list session before taking a seat in the doctor’s office to get my latest test results. Nothing too serious, nothing too surprising, just theContinue Reading

The Power of “Me Too” (Or “An Oprah-esque post on depression. Pass the fairy-floss.”)

Last Friday I had the great privilege of being a panelist at the “Motherhood and Me” forum held by Kids on the Coast. A bunch of mums, gathered together in quite an informal fashion to ogle each other’s offspring (or was that just me? Seriously, my ovaries started to whisper to me again. Luckily IContinue Reading

A Postcard from Reality: Wish You Were Here!

The most FAQ in any interview I do – I love saying that as if it’s a regular occurrence (which it is, of course…ehem) – is “how do you balance performing and family life?” My answer to that is: a) I don’t. Not with any real success, anyway. It’s a bit of a mess, really;Continue Reading