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Realise Your Dream Applications Open (Or “On Being The Best”)

British-ish teapot spotted this week.

Whenever there’s a call out for applications for amazing opportunities my insides kinda digest themselves in a fit of excitement. Most of which I never actually apply for (time, money, realistic thoughts of the logistical nightmare of sorting out family arrangements) but the simple prospect of possibility gets my blood pumping in a way I rather enjoy.

Anyhoo, I tell you all this because the British Council’s Realise Your Dream Awards are currently open for submissions – so if that tickles your fancy, hop right on it, I say! I was having a little fantasy traipse through their website and came across this extremely charming video made by one of last year’s winners, writer Briony Stewart.

Besides being incredibly clever, sweet and clearly displaying her very impressive talents, this one part really hit a nerve…towards the end of the video, there is a piece of text that reads “I want to be the best children’s book writer and illustrator…” followed by a pause.

“The best children’s book writer and illustrator what?” I thought. “In Australia? In the world? In the Commonwealth? Where?”

Then it came…

“…the best children’s book writer and illustrator I can be.


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Postcard from Destination Burn Out

So apparently I’m the only one who’s surprised by my collapse, physical and emotional, this week. I feel stupid to have not seen it coming, all I can say in my defence is that when it comes to anticipating the inevitable burn out resulting from this mad past few months, I simply did not haveContinue Reading

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: No Sleep Til Brooklyn! (Brooklyn = End of Festival)

The roller coaster is almost at its end. I am utterly exhausted in each and every way. I heard some terribly sad news today about a friend of mine from Canada who passed away suddenly a few days ago; I went into shock followed by sadness followed immediately by what I can only describe asContinue Reading

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: Heartache and The Horne Section

At the risk of sounding like the nutbag of fatigued emotion that I am right now, let me tell you that while the performances have been lovely, I’ve been soaking up the sights of Melbourne and enjoying a number of most excellent comedy shows, it’s all through a rather pathetic lens of “I CANNOT STOPContinue Reading

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: Lightning, Big Hair, Auslan & Kitson

If it weren’t for energy drinks and Melbourne coffee, I would be in a coma right now. Highlights of the past few days: – undoubtedly doing a guest spot in Spanzac Ballet, a late night glam rock gig at the HiFi Festival Club last night. I sang Skyhooks. I covered my poor lyric recall withContinue Reading

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: Highs and Lows

I know I sing it onstage every night, but life really is an unexpected variety show. The shows have been mostly beautiful – opening night was solid, despite a couple of tech hitches, second night just popped big-time (wish to heavens I’d had the sense to make that one my media night, as we’d sortedContinue Reading

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: Opening Night Tonight!

The past two days have comprised rehearsing, tech running, catching up with comedy friends, performing in as many guest spots as I can get my hot little hands on and walking the entire width of Melbourne. Opening night tonight! I’m off to run some last minute errands, indulge myself with a massage to sort outContinue Reading

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: An Unexpected (Expected) Return

Above: nice little piece in Beat Magazine. If you’re mad keen – and why wouldn’t you be? (I’M TALKING TO YOU, HUBBY-WHO-NEVER-READS-MY-PUBLICITY-WHY-WON’T-YOU-LOVE-ME-LIKE-A-ROCKSTAR?!) you can read the story here. Oh and while we’re in the plugging mood there’s also a profile piece at the moment on arts hub with me chatting about the influences of myContinue Reading

5 Exciting Announcements!

1. The stomach bug has left the building! Huzzah! It’s at least had the courtesy to take turns between us here family members, meaning that at least one person is okay enough to man the fort while the others lie spread-eagle on any flat surface, moaning and groaning and all the rest…plus nestled itself mostContinue Reading

From Standing Ovations To Stomach Viruses: An Unexpected Variety Show

This weekend was personally epic on several levels. 1. It was my hubby’s and my 10th wedding anniversary. 2. We celebrated in a last-minute hotel splurge in the city, to coincide with… 3. Closing night of my brief but delish run of “An Unexpected Variety Show” at Brisbane Powerhouse… …a show which was: – nicelyContinue Reading