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Monthly Archives: August 2011

My first ever TV interview: “Theatre Thespians” Briz31

I cannot even bring myself to watch it yet, I am that nervous about seeing myself on the screen.


Will you go in first? I promise I’ll throw down a rope and haul you back out if it gets too much.

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My Show is Turning Into a School Reunion (or “Is It Possible to Drop 4 Dress Sizes in 2 weeks?)

With less than two weeks to go, I’m both thrilled and terrified to note that a significant number of tix and RSVPS for the upcoming show at Brisbane Powerhouse are from folks I went to school with some fifteen + years ago. A significant number. A healthy portion of whom I have not seen inContinue Reading

New Comedy Show-Reel!

So overdue. Those of you paying extra close attention might notice that I’ve tagged this with, amongst other things, “thyroid imbalances on film.” Nuff said. I’m off to google “colon cleanse”.

Presenting an Artist’s Talk at Surrealism: Up Late @ QAG/GOMA

Image via Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art I am an ARTISTE!!!!!!!!! I have told myself since I was out of the birth canal, only now it’s official, yo! Namely cos I’ve been asked to give an industry talk at “Surrealism: Up Late”  this Friday night at Queensland Art Gallery. I’m talking about innovation andContinue Reading

In the new Cosmopolitan Pregnancy!

Yay! So chuffed to be featured in the new edition of Cosmo Pregnancy. Go grab yourself a copy before my Grandma buys ’em all!