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Photo update from LA!









Solo Improv Learnings Thus Far!

Above: I got invited to attend a red-carpet premiere of a new film which my very talented friend Natasha Perez wrote a song for! This trip is made possible thanks to the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, a wonderful organisation which supports early career artists to pursue professional development opportunities, usually overseas. During my time hereContinue Reading


LA-LA land: Eddie Izzard, Sarah Silverman & more!

Training has been AMAZING. Agh! I’m learning so much it’s hard to keep up, I will post a nice juicy “things I’m learning” post tomorrow. But in the meantime, a few things of note in the past few days… 1. Eddie Izzard was, as expected, brilliant. He kicked off the gig by jumping into theContinue Reading


Initial Thoughts on Solo Improv: Day One of Training

This trip is made possible thanks to the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, a wonderful organisation which supports early career artists to pursue professional development opportunities, usually overseas. During my time here I shall be posting about some of my learnings in my private sessions with Gary Austin and Michael Pollock respectively. Already this trip has surpassedContinue Reading


Photo update from LA LA land

My hostest with the mostest, Natasha! My precious… Kick-ass lady, new soul-sister, producer of the celebrity improv show last night and daughter l’extraordinaire of my wonderful mentor Gary Austin, Audrey Moore. The improv show last night “Gary Austin and Famed Friends” at The Groundlings. Twas awesome. On centre stage is Gary Austin himself, far left isContinue Reading


5 Things That Have Happened Thus Far on this LA Trip

1. I sat next to a very large American woman and her very petite Aussie husband on the plane. Both were very friendly, lovely even, to the point where the woman would not stop talking to me. Not stop. Even when I did my best  “I’m watching my movie here and I’m really, really intoContinue Reading


On pre-trip jitters.

I always get a little freaked out before any plane trip that, while making all my preps, I am actually whittling away my final earthly moments. I comfort myself in knowing that these feelings always come up. And I haven’t died yet. But, when I find myself texting my kids a last minute pre-boarding photoContinue Reading


Why Jealousy Sucks Hairy Buttocks: (Or “The Hole in The Green Eye”)

Jealousy sucks hairy buttocks. Yes, you heard me. Hairy ones. I include my own in that statement, by the way (my jealousy, not my buttocks, which are beyond reproach). When I feel myself getting embittered, usually by somebody else’s achievements – whether it be their career success, their incredibly buff and fat-free body or theirContinue Reading


FAQ on the LA trip!

How long are you going for? 2 weeks! What exactly will you be doing while you’re there? I’m gonna be doing a tailor-made residency focusing on solo-improv, made up of a series of private coaching sessions in the day-times, checking out improv stuff at night! Who will you be doing it with? Two of myContinue Reading


If you watch this, you will understand our family.