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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Back to Radelaide: for Cabaret Fringe Festival!


Just confirmed this very evening that I’m gonna be performing my one-woman show “The Unexpected Variety Show!” at this year’s Adelaide Cabaret Fringe.


So pumped. Cannot wait. This is the show that I started developing during my residency at the Banff Centre, debuted it in its wrinkly newborn from at Calgary Fringe Fest and have since done soooo much rewriting on it that it really is a different baby altogether. But with the same gene pool.

So….right now I’m about to sit down and nut out my rehearsal schedule, not the least of which includes getting myself much fitter. This new version of the show has some very physical segments, including a bit of *shock, gasp, awe* DANCE. I am so pumped, but I know from my experience thus far of solo shows that if you ain’t fit, you’re gonna walk backstage and collapse.

I’m not exaggerating. It happened to me after my very first one.

Anyhoo, excuse me while I get my act sorted.

And at the risk of sounding repetitive…


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