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April Fools Day Comedy Show tonight in West End!

  As soon as I saw the amazing Ice Cream Factory space in West End, I was mega inspired. It’s a very funky, New York City slice right in the middle of my favourite Brissie hub of all, West End.

So the fact we get to perform there tonight is very cool indeed. I’m a little curious (slash nervous!) about how it’s gonna run in a space that’s really designed for circus, but in some ways, having to march boldly into the unknown just seems kinda perfect given that that’s what improv is really all about.

Would love to see you there – a new venue means a new reason to celebrate! And you know, with bullying, neurology appointments (for my daughter) and more, it’s been quite a week. I’m looking forward to just forgetting all the crap and PLAYING!


What: April Fools Day Comedy Show with Gumball Theatre

Where: The Ice Cream Factory, 35 Mollison St, West End (opp Three Monkeys)

When: Friday April 1st, 8pm

Tix: $10 at the door


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