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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Just another reason why I love Frankie

Cos she can hand me birthday cards like this, saying “This reminded me so much of you!”…without me feeling even mildly insulted.

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7 Things To Report Right Now

Taken by Little Miss at this year’s Woodford Folk Fest 1. Little Miss 8’s CT scan came back normal. Big freaking PHEW. I am yet to be given the all-clear straight from the horse’s mouth (follow-up appointment is tomorrow) but so far, so good. Will write more about this whole rather upsetting experience when it’sContinue Reading

33 Things Before 33…or one big nothing.

So I was gonna finally jump onboard this whole “X things before X” bandwagon, with today’s b’day making it a “33 things before 33”. It was gonna be filled with things like: – go skydiving; – sew a dress (i.e. one that I could actually wear without crying and/or exposing unintended portions of flesh); –Continue Reading

Warning: Reading Comic Mummy Can Be Hazardous to Your Uterus

Frankie: “So my cousin told me she was reading your blog the other day, and that it really made her think about things a bit differently.” Me: “Well, naturally. I’m very thought provoking. Cutting edge, even.” Frankie: “You so are. That’s why I’m friends with you.” Me: “Don’t speak.” Frankie: “Okay.” Me: “So what exactlyContinue Reading

Celebrating 2 years of my little man who almost wasn’t

We nearly didn’t have Cassidy. Until sometime in early 2008, there I was at the beautiful Banff Centre, where I was lapping up the luxury of my own studio to work solidly on my new show during a residency. As such, I set myself the task I’d long procrastinated, of finally sorting through the mountainsContinue Reading

FAQ on the Sugar Detox

Image courtesy of hubpages.com So since I posted the last announcement regarding my current 28 day leap into the insanity that is sugar-free living (well, at least in my world it’s classified as insanity; I must admit, when it comes to madness, we don’t set the bar real high around here) I’ve received everything fromContinue Reading

How to Guarantee Health Kick Success via Dubious Means

So for the very first time in my life, EVER, I finally believe that I’m gonna get on top of this body of mine (not in a freaky way, people) and actually treat it…well, you know…amicably. I’d take my bow now, only this development has absolutely nothing, I repeat NOTHING, to do with me. Rather,Continue Reading

February Aussie Mummy Bloggers Carnival

Like to stay up to date with all things Comic Mummy? Then put your hands in the air and take me to your reader! Howdy hey! (I love saying that – and indeed anything that makes me feel even remotely like a cowgirl.) Welcome to the February Aussie Mummy Bloggers Carnival, featuring all the bestContinue Reading

Videos from our Sydney shoot are UP, yo!!

So you guys remember how for a very short period of time back there I lived the jet-setting dream (i.e. flew somewhere) with my littlest, to shoot some vids for a company which I couldn’t yet reveal the deets of, right? Right? RIGHT??! Come on, I know you’re just sitting there twiddling your thumbs andContinue Reading