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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Links of the Week (or WHAT?! You mean there’s more to cyberspace than ME?!)

1. Wintery photos. They take me back to Canada. Le sigh. (Quebecois “le” intended).

2. Where the magic happens.

3. Living vicariously through other people’s lives on Broadway!

4. The wonderful peeps over at BrisStyle are giving away a couple of double passes to this week’s Gumball Theatre show!

5. An improv storytelling rockband? WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT?!!?!?!??! I think my head just fell off.

6. This entire site is just unbelievable. Just what I need -another freaking cyber-excuse to ignore the kids.

PS I want to have a joy tantrum.

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If Success Falls in a Forest…

I finally got around to watching “Bright Star” this week and it got me thinking – I mean, aside from the tragedy of a great love cut short – about the nature of success. What really hit me – especially after getting my John Keats-google on (and if you’ve perchance stumbled on here by googlingContinue Reading

Toddlers on Set (or, “Here’s To You, Mrs Olsen”)

TODDLERS ON SET. Oh how I love it. It sounds just like a fabulously trashy reality talent show, resplendant with on-set tantrums, tiny bodies dealing with the limelight and countless others running themselves ragged trying to meet every reasonable and unreasonable demand of the talent. You know, so TOTALLY different from every other reality talentContinue Reading

A quick update from the set!

What a whirlwind of a few days. Will write a full update shortly. About to jump on a plane back to Queensland, hopefully with a sleeping toddler in tow, possibly with a wakeful toddler in tow, certainly with some sort of toddler in tow.

Having Kid Early vs Having Em Later – The Impact On Your Life

‘ I had a very enlightening conversation last night – one of many, in fact – with my host here in Sydney, Ms Jodie Ekert. I first met Jodie many years back when we were both fresh faces on the stand-up comedy scene (not saying anything about the current state of our faces, mind you,Continue Reading


So it’s mere days since I wrote my goals list for 2011, yet those mere days have turned out to be more than mere, indeed. And so it is – in the grand tradition of this crazy unexpected thing called life – that already my goals have changed. Epiphanies aplenty in this little mind, orContinue Reading

A glimpse at our flood plan B

Thanks so much for the messages enquiring after our welfare this week. It seems that where we live is now well and truly past the worst of it (touch wood) and naturally, we feel extremely lucky compared to so many others. To catch you up on the week just gone for us: By far theContinue Reading

On the Toowoomba Flash Flood

Last night as I saw images of the post-flash flood chaos that is Toowoomba, I could not even comprehend what I was looking at. In that I couldn’t believe the magnitude of the disaster, but also I couldn’t even make out what part of the CBD I was seeing. And having been brought up inContinue Reading

Goals for 2011

Write and shoot a pilot (and more!) of this sit-com I’m currently working on. Last night my best friend Frankie and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning (her 30th birthday, no less!) sketching out a backbone for the entire show run. So freaking pumped! Get Gumball Theatre running in a mostContinue Reading

Web comedy shoot, Gumball Theatre and other madness this month

My heavens life is nutty. This month alone: 1. I have scored a most fabulous gig (fab in that it is completely and utterly up my alley in a very un-sordid way) shooting some comedic style online videos with my little toddler the Cass-meister! We’re off to the big smoke in a fortnight to joinContinue Reading