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Monthly Archives: September 2010

This woman is AMAZING.

I just have to share the most amazing woman’s blog I’ve come across. A mother of nine (NINE! KAPOW!), humanitarian and activist who…and this is the clincher for me…totally walks the walk.

Her blog is called "An Ordinary Life" but what she inspires is anything but ordinary.

Sadly I see I’ve found her site just as she’s given up blogging for the interim, but no matter. There seems to be plenty already there for me to trawl through in the meantime. Honestly, I was so moved after just 5 minutes on her site that I emailed her, to tell her how inspired I’d been.

I shared with her how the hubbster and I have long harbored these dreams of taking the kids on a series of overseas volunteer trips, as well as making some long-term commitment towards playing our part in working against the child sex trade. When I think about the world and all its problems, it just seems too much – but when I really try to narrow it down to one issue that just gets my blood boiling, tears flowing and insert-other-bodily-function-here, then yeah. Child sex slavery is it.

Anyway, I was so delighted when the lovely Cate emailed me straight back, and wanted to share her words with you guys:

Hi Jenny,

Thanks so much for your email. It’s really reassuring to hear that others are inspired to feel like they can make a difference. There are so many things in the world that people can help with, it just takes a decision to do so.

You’re absolutely right when you say it seems overwhelming. Honestly, it’s overwhelming to me on a daily basis and quite often I feel like I’m wasting my time but at the end of the day one life saved is worth the effort. One child who has a future because someone decided to act is something we can all be excited about.

I’m back off to Indonesia tomorrow; it gives me strength and support to receive your best wishes at this time. Thanks so much.

Kind Regards,

So. To get started. It’s gotta happen. There’s always going to be a zillion reasons to not start today. What can I do RIGHT NOW?

My thoughts to follow. Please, if you have some, now’s the time to share em, lovelies!!



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