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On crazy and audacious goals

It's a long way to the top, so the journey better be funky, yo.

Back from the Big Apple and into real life and blog-land; am slowly catching up on my faves, including this newly discovered one by artist Dana Barbieri. I especially love her ‘art biz mama’ interviews, featuring insights from women juggling life as artists and mothers respectively.

This part of her interview with Jen from Bird From A Wire, jumped out at me like a mugger in a dark alley:

“…it’s really important to have goals for yourself, for your work, for your life. Crazy, audacious goals. The kind of goals that kind of take your breath away.”

I must admit, I’m kinda struggling a bit with this at the moment. The weird part is that now, more than ever, I feel like there are opportunities presenting themself left, right and centre all over the globe. The New York trip was so incredibly amazing and affirming, with lots of terrific encouragement and amongst other bits of excitement, an invitation to get myself to LA as soon as possible – yet with this, plus the UK possibilities which have opened up of late, plus others, I find myself torn as to which mind-blowing opportunity to seize upon first. Does it matter? Are any of them as good as another?


I’m tearing my hair out.

These options are indeed, crazy and audacious – dreaming them is not the problem. It’s choosing between them that presents the dilemma.

But what a great dilemma to have, right? Right?


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