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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Holidays with Kids – FOR the kids vs FOR the family

Boy are we learning our lesson.

Not that I’m not UNHAPPY we came on our very first family holiday (note that while we have travelled extensively as a family, both throughout Australia and the world, we’ve never just set up camp in the one spot to relax and enjoy it, thus the newly embraced “holiday” status), but just that, well:

– we chose a place that had tons of kid-friendly stuff to do;
– we wanted to be close to the myriad of theme parks, especially seeing as our family passes expired this week; and
– Trudging from theme park to themepark and then keeping the kids occupied in a tiny cabin even if it is surrounded by kid-friendly stuff is just plain EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Mia.

We’ve already decided to do a post-holiday debrief with suggestions for improvements for next time. My list is already growing:

– an actual, bonafide, awesome kids club that can take them for more than half an hour.
– warmer weather.
– somewhere that can help us parents relax, not just the kids.

Oh and I’ve scrawled ‘alcohol’ somewhere in there too.

Wish you were here!


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