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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Video update from the Banff Centre

Video diary from the Banff Centre

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Creating a residency in real life

So here I am, back again in my original little studio at the Banff Centre, for the final week of this 4-week (spread out over the past six months or so) residency.  Ah me, the times I’ve had here. Writing. Drinking tea. Playing piano. Procrastinating and cursing the fact they have internet in these damnContinue Reading

Banff Centre Residency – the final leg

So in a nutshell, we are LOVING our new pad. Heavens above, I am so insanely nesting right now I might well start laying eggs. Oh snap. I’m even – please, take a seat if you’re that way inclined – ingesting ridiculous numbers of home-making magazines, PHOTOCOPYING the activities and then ACTUALLY DOING THEM. IContinue Reading

Onstage Birth: here’s hoping.

Okay, okay, so Canada’s political scene might be in crisis right now, but that’s nothing, NOTHING, I tell you, compared to the nuttiness that’s been going on in this family of late. Moving, unpacking, fighting the conflicting urges to hug and kill everybody at the same time thanks to ever-burgeoning pregnancy hormones…oh yeah, and weContinue Reading