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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Loose Moose Shenanigans this weekend!

You know, it’s funny. We’re mid moving house right now, I’m up to my ears in boxes and cleaning products and yet, the thought of performing both tonight and tomorrow night at the Moose – far from being exhausting – is the only thing keeping me hangin’ in there!

I’m so excited, our team has a secret theme tonight – I tried my costume on last week and could not stop laughing just wearing it. I’ll try to post some pics after the event. It’s the Grand Final tonight, our team made it in by a nose – whatever happens I’m sure that my personal state at having sniffed way too much Ajax will go a long way to contributing to a delirious night of improv.

Oh yeah, so if you are in Calgary, here’s the deets:

TONIGHT (Friday – Black, Purple, Rainbow, whatever)
Loose Moose Theatresports Grand Final
Tix: $12 adult, $10 concession
Loose Moose Theatre @ Crossroads Market

TOMORROW (Saturday – back to normal non-color specific days)
Gorilla Theatre
Tix: $12 adult, $10 concession
Loose Moose Theatre @ Crossroads Market

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Losing it

Master Four: Why is Ella in time out? Me: Because she lost her temper. Master Four: Oh. A beat. Master Four: Where did she put it?

Musical Improv site (or: ‘The best compliment I’ve ever been bestowed’)

Wow, wow, wow. My undoubted sensai and musical improv guru Michael Pollock has just posted this warm fuzzy blurb about one of my improvised songs on MusicalImprov.com – to say it made my innards glow with goo is a massive, massive understatement. So very, very cool…agh! When I say Michael Pollock wrote the book on musical improv,Continue Reading

Goshdarnit, I think my Christmas spirit has returned!

Tonight marked our first official Christmasy thing – well, for Miss Five and I at least, sadly Papa Bear and Mister Four have been struck very ill this past coupla days. And you know what? I know it’s as cheesy as poutine (which, might I add, I’ve vowed never to try: fries are heaven. YouContinue Reading

We are living in a material world. And my son is a material…nutbag.

So we do this thing in our household where every birthday, Christmas or donation-of-hand-me-downs-from-friends that comes around, I rally up the pint-sized troops to clear out their own collection. Whereupon, we motor on down to our local charity bin, dump the lot, Mummy feels a lot better about moving in the clutter-free direction and toastsContinue Reading