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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Off to see me some Bill Cosby!

Tomorrow sees a significant item being checked off my bucket list. That being, ‘See Bill Cosby live.’ As in, ‘in concert’. Not just ‘breathing’. Ehem.

I’ve had the ticket for months – even though I knew it would involve some logistical hiccups in making it happen, namely because:

– I have no child-care;

– The closest his tour is coming to where I live is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a good seven hours drive away at best; and

– I have no child-care.

But, throwing caution to the wind like a pair of over-sized knickers, fluttering their way through the prairies on a Chinook, I booked the dang ticket anyway. I could not let such fickle worries stop me from fulfilling a life-long dream such as this! BILL COSBY! LIVE! LEGENDARY! AGH!

So, dear friends, tomorrow morn at the crack of dawn, I’m packing the kidlets into the van and we’re embarking on a crazy adventure across the country-side. With the promise of stopovers at the world-famous Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller and a pool at our motel at the other end, combined with a serious supply of snacks and car-time amusements, we’re all actually in pretty jovial spirits about the whole thing.

I’ll let ya know how it all pans out. So long as the van holds up and we don’t end up stranded in small-town Saskatchewan, I’m sure it shall all be glorious and I shall forevermore cry to the heavens on every October 30th, remembering being touched by the hand of Cosby.



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